Sex disparity in COVID-19 infection in the Philippines: a biocultural study

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Maxine Allyson B. Castro
Jewelyn Marie R. Tabion
Richard Jonathan O. Taduran


Biological sex and socio-cultural factors have been interrelated in epidemiological studies and clinical care. This study aimed to assess sex differences in susceptibility to COVID-19 in the Philippines. COVID-19 numbers of cases until February 28, 2021, were collected from the Philippines' Department of Health (DOH). The student's t-test was used to analyze the data per administrative region and age group. News articles were collected from reputable media outlets in the Philippines. Biological and socio-cultural differences were considered. A significant sex difference (p ≤ 0.05) was observed in the age groups of 30-39, 40-49, and 50-59 years old, which indicates that males in the said age clusters in the Philippines are more susceptible to COVID-19. Sex-specific mechanisms that may disproportionately affect either sex were associated with differences in immune responses, hormones, and underlying medical conditions. Furthermore, gendered lifestyles in the Philippines that involve social gatherings such as cockfighting, gambling, and boxing are dominated by the male population and could directly transmit the disease. Sex disparities linked to the susceptibility of COVID-19 emphasize the importance of gender-based research for risk-reduction strategies and effective public health measures in the Philippines.

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Castro, M., Tabion , J., & Taduran, R. (2022). Sex disparity in COVID-19 infection in the Philippines: a biocultural study. Quaestiones Disputatae: Temas En Debate, 14(29), 106-136. Recuperado a partir de


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